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Safe Walk service

Once again we will be providing a Safe Walk service for those who wish to be escorted to the nearby LRT stations, parking lots or bus stops (within a distance of the Shaw to Churchill Square - i.e. three blocks or so) on Saturday night by two licensed security guards.

Meep Up Location

The meetup place with the guards will be on the street level entrance to the Shaw Conference center off Jasper Avenue (the level at the top of the escalators). All you need to do is go to this location at the designated times and wait for the guards to escort you and all those waiting there.

Escort Times

Starting Saturday at 9:00 pm and every half hour. Last Safe Walk will be at 1:00 am,

If you arrive at the time and the guards are not there, please wait as there might be slight time delays depending on how big of a group and where they need to go on the previous time.