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Fan Panel Descriptions

A Song of Fire and Ice (14P)


Come discussion popular and obscure fan theories. Compare the books versus the television show and participate in a general Q&A.

Animal Crossing, Population: You 2! (AP)


Welcome villagers, mayors and designers alike! Come meet your fellow fans, play games, reminisce and win prizes! Let’s have some Animal Crossing fun.

Armed with Foam (AP)


Raise your props for cosplay! Learn the ins & outs of different foams and how to transform them into consafe props without breaking your budget or back!

Ask a GameMaster (14P)


Two experienced tabletop gaming GMs answer your questions about mechanics, dealing with groups, and entertaining experiences of the past decade.

BAKA Anime Pictionary (14P)


Hi! Come join us for a game of Anime Pictionary! Come draw your favourite animes and see who can guess it the fastest!

Become a Pro YouTuber (AP)

Triple S League

Want to be a YouTuber like Aki, Markiplier or Misty Chronexia? In this panel, we discuss how to create, manage and grow a successful YouTube channel.

Cosplay Weapons (AP)


This year’s project is Mamo Tomoe’s rifle from Puella Magi. Make it with simple tools.

Critical Fail (MP)


Do you D&D? More importantly, do you like stupidity and shenanigans? Regardless of your answers, come check out our audience interactive D&D adventure.

Crossplay Info Session and Q&A (AP)


Learn about crossplay in a fun and descriptive format with the hosts of the panel. Ask questions and learn new things to help with or start crossplay!

Crossplay Pageant (AP)


The Crossplay Pageant is back! We are a 2-round contest in which crossplayers compete to see who is the best! Rounds include introduction, talent and mystery

Ensemble Stars!~Prelude to Hierarchy~ (AP)


Let’s talk about what happens before the main plot of Ensemble Stars! Find out why the idols of Yumenosaki Academy have such a bad time.

Everybody Dies the Videogame: A Zero Escape Panel (MP)


Have you heard about the Zero escape series? Well you definitely should! Come to this panel to learn about one of the best visual novels!

Explaining the Extended Fate/Stay Night Universe (14P)


Discussing Fate/Stay Night and the various media that ties into the series including light novels, spin-offs, mobile games and more!

Fandom 101: Let’s Talk About Cons (14P)


Do you go to conventions? Are you in fandoms? This might be the panel for you! Join us for a look into conventions, etiquette and fandoms.

Furry Ears and Tails Workshop (AP)


A workshop on how to make the cat, wolf, and fox ears and tails we love so much!

Gunpla 101 (AP)


You’ve watched the anime, now own the robots! Introduction on Gunpla hobby covering basics and history.

How to Get Into Video Games Journalism (14P)


A games media writer for 4 years, Chris Penwell, will give tips and tricks on how to write for a video games journalism website.

IDOLiSH7: Setting a New Stage for Male Idol Series (AP)


What you see isn’t always what you get. Learn about the world of IDOLiSH7, a rhythm game that sets a new standard for male idol series.

Intro to Fantasy Cosplay (AP)


Best place to get elf ears? What’s with lace front wigs? And how DO you play the game of thrones? Answers are here, noble cosplayer.

Intro to LARP: Ouran Edition (14P)


An introduction to Live Action Roleplaying with the theme of Ouran High School Host Club.

Japanese Weapon Arts (AP)


An introduction to and demonstration of the Japanese weapon arts of Kendo, Naginata, and Iaido.

K-Pop Random Dance Play (14P)


K-Pop? At my Anime Convention?! The ever popular Random Dance Play has made its way to Animethon! Join us for a fun hour filled with dancing!

Karate - The Way of the Empty Hand (AP)


Anime has always featured many martial arts. Join us as we present an action packed martial arts demo through Karate. Physical size does not matter!

Lip Sync Battle (AP)


Think you can lip sync better than anyone else? Prove it, in this king of the hill style lip sync battle tournament.

Lolita Fashion 101 (AP)


Interested in Lolita Fashion? Come learn more about the style and the secret life of a lolita.

Lolita Party Time~! (AP)


Come join local Lolitas for fun games such as Lolita Trivia, Name that Print, and many more~!

Love Live! Dance Class (AP)


Come join usica in learning a dance from Love Live! This is a teaching panel, so be prepared to dance!

Makeup 101: The Wonderful World of Makeup (AP)


A look into the wonderful world of makeup. How to shop on a budget, basic application, and the big debate of high-end vs. drugstore makeup.

Mecha Opening Appreciation (AP)


In this panel we will cover the OPs to various anime series that feature giant robots from retro to the latest season.

Meme Bingo, Memego! (AP)


Come join us for a fun filled jolly good time of Memego! It’s just like BIngo, but with Memes. The first three winners will get a special prize!

Men of Cosplay (14P)


A panel of male cosplayers discuss the hobby from a guy’s perspective. Come listen to stories, experiences, learn some tip and tricks, hear about mishaps and more.

One Punch Man (AP)


Come chat about the popular anime series, One Punch Man, and learn about the manga and webcomic.

Onsen on Ice!!! (14P)


Join us in Hasetsu for a Q&A with professional skaters from around the world, and a little friendly competition!

Overwatch Family Feud (AP)


Think you know Overwatch? Get off that payload and come play some Overwatch Family Feud including light-hearted fun and an end prize raffle!

R.F.A Party (14P)


Dear guest. The R.F.A are inviting you to attend our next party involving Q&A, games and a chance to win a special price from your favourite member.

RPG Maker for Beginners (14P)


Would you like to make your own RPG project, but don’t know where to start? You’ve never used RPG Maker? This panel will teach you the basics.

S+99 Competitive Splatoon (AP)


Come learn and talk about the world of competitive Splatoon.

Sherlock: Let’s Play Murder (14P)


Wanna solve a murder mystery? Come join the cast of BBC's Sherlock as they attempt to crack the latest case. Find clues, unravel problems and apprehend the killer. Prizes included.

So You Like FanFiction… (14P)


FanFiction, writer or reader. Let us help you navigate sites & filters; how & what to write and some of the general etiquette guidelines you may face.

Stumin’ with Meager Time & Money (AP)


Lacking time and funds for cosplay? You can still make props and armor, body casts, belts, fitted masks and more without droppin’ the mad dollars.

Theatrical Cosplay (AP)


Have you ever wanted to approach cosplay differently? Come explore theatre techniques that will help you embody your character even more with various tips.

Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View Tournament (AP)


Come test your Danmaku skills against other players! Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome to participate.

Touhou Project~Welcome to Gensokyo (AP)


See why Touhou Project is still the crown jewel of doujin culture as we delve into its games, lores, music and more.

Ultimate Cosplay Battle (AP)


Characters from ALL genres are welcome here to prove why they are the ultimate in front of our esteemed judges and MC in the ultimate cosplay battle !

Upcoming Disney Movies (AP)


This panel explores new, upcoming Disney / Pixar movies. Come see trailers, concept art and discuss future movies with other fellow fans.

Vertical Summit: An Amateur Animation Project (14P)


Come learn about Vertical Summit, a solo amateur animation (WIP) about air warfare, with references to Canada.

Yaoi Panel (MP)


Come on down for more yaoi-themed improv games and for the chance to win some prizes.