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Guest Panels

Autograph Policy


Aimee Blackschleger


Come enjoy the best concert on Saturday night at A Taste of Animethon with Aimee’s best tunes!


This is your chance to meet and ask questions to our special vocalist guest, Aimee Blackschleger!


Aza Miyuko

Aza Miyuko Q&A

Get to know Aza Miyuko, well known international cosplayer from South Korea

Aza Miyuko Photo Session

This is your only chance to take a photo with your favourite cosplayer, Aza Miyuko! Due to the limited time, the following rules will apply:
  • Only one photo will be shot - Maximum 4 people per shot. No reservation, first come first served.
  • Photos can only be taken by our Photo booth equipment. No cellphone photos or personal cameras allowed.
  • The photo taken at the booth will be Digital Web Resolution only, prints will be available at a price.
  • X-Pass front of the line access available only prior to the start of specified event.

Cassandra Lee Morris


Meet anime and video game voice actress Cassandra Lee Morris. Cassandra has tons of stories from behind the mic that she can’t wait to share with you. Bring your questions, because she has answers!

Anime Bloopers

A rare chance to see anime bloopers. Cassandra will screen oopsies from anime she has voiced in.


Clifford Chapin


Meet and learn all about this voice actor!

Voice Acting

Wonder about the voice acting industry? Clifford is here to answer your questions.


Mike Sass


Come meet Mike Sass as he will be here to demonstrate his artistic skills.


The 404s Improv

The 404s Present: The GeekProv Showcase

The 404s close out the con with their All-Ages show. Your suggestions blended with their GeekProv knowledge make for a hilarious combination. Certainly something not to be missed.

The 404s Present: The Last Pants Standing Show

The lights go down, the comedy gets suggestive and the improvisors get “comfortable”. You hold the power over The 404s in this 18+ panel, as you decide who will lose their pants next. Who will be the Last Pants Standing? Come check out the show and choose the victor. May the odds ever be in your favor.

The 404s Present: The Missing Episode of ???

You thought you’ve seen every episode, read every manga, heard every fan theory but there are some things you were just not meant to see. Luckily The 404s are here to recreate the Missing Episode of your favourite animes. Come watch and let The 404s know which animes you would like to see them make up on the spot.

The 404s Present: NerdProv 101

Come and learn the ins and outs of Improv Comedy. Join The 404s as they run through some improv warm-ups and teach you a few of their favourite games. If you have ever had an interest improv, this is your chance to get first-hand experience.


Hey! Listen!

Hey! Listen! Concert

A Friday night anime and gaming themed musical performance.