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Welcome to the Animethon Web Archive. To help share our past events we decided to make our old sites available. You can find them here:


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Special Events



AMV Showcase (14P)

We've dug deep into our digital pockets to bring you a tasty variety of AMVs from all over the world.

AMV Trailers and Parodies (14P)

Take the audio from some of our favorite trailers and commercials and set it to Anime and what do you get? AMV Parody heaven packed into one hour!

Awsomecore AMVs (14P)

And what other way to end of your Taste of Animethon experience then to sit back and watch the worlds best AMVs... Uuuhhhmmm... OK, so maybe they might be a bit strange, twisted and mind blowing and nothing short of AWESOME!

Best of Anime According to AMV (14P)

So we have proven time and time again that AMV never lie and ALWAYS tell us what a anime is all about... right? Join in on the fun as we take some of the best ones and sprinkle in some new ones for a hour of nothing short of pure fun.




Cosplay Chess (AP)

An epic battle of royalty across a checkered board isn't just for wooden pawns anymore! Come show off your cosplay as a member of royalty or a loyal pawn in the mock onslaught that is Cosplay Chess!

Cosplay Contest (AP)

Got a costume to show off? Think you got what it takes to shine? Come enter the cosplay contest at the Cosplay Room and compete at A Taste of Animethon’s main event!

Cosplay Contest Pre-Judging (AP)

This is where the Cosplay Contest contests come to have their costume pre-judge for the “Costume” category.

Cosplay 101: How to Cosplay (14P)

Come on in and learn a little bit of everything about how to get started with Cosplay.

Cosplay 102: Buying Cosplay (AP)

Want to cosplay but don’t know where to purchase a good quality cosplay? We will cover: buying cosplay, Taobao, competing with a purchased cosplay.

Cosplay 201: Introduction to Cosplay Armour and Props (AP)

An introduction on the different materials, tools, and techniques needed to take your cosplay to the next level with the basic armour and prop building.

Cosplay 202: The Cosplay Contest (AP)

Let’s learn about the difference between the cosplay contests and categories and how to get over stage fright.

Cosplay 301: Advanced Armour and Props (AP)

Take your armour and props to the next level with an introduction to advanced material selection, detailing, finishing techniques, and electronics.

Cosplay 302: Sewing and Patterns (AP)

Neon Crook
Eager to start sewing your own costumes but not sure where to start? Join us as we talk sewing basics, working with patterns and demonstrate examples!


All Others


ATOA Feedback (AP)

The staff at A Taste of Animethon would love to hear any feedback, comments and suggestions from you!

Butler Café (AP)

For the first time ever, A Taste of Animethon is happy to be hosting our first ever Butler Café! Get ready to be treated like royalty by our dedicated enchanting butlers. This event is walk-in’s only, first come first serve until supplies last. Charges apply.

Closing Ceremony (AP)

The grand finale to our event, farewell to our guests, announcements, and see which Club comes out of the top!

Maid Café – Neko Ver. (AP)

We’re excited to bring the Maid Café to ATOA 2017! The Maid Café will be happening SATURDAY ONLY! Our Maids will do their best to offer you an enchanting experience similar to popular Maid Café’s in Japan! This event’s theme will be Neko/Cats! This is a separately ticketed event. Refer to Event Services for location and purchase details.

Opening Ceremony (AP)

Celebrate the start of A Taste of Animethon 2017! Come meet our guests!

Pin Trading (AP)

Come join us and enrich your pin collection! There are always a few rare pins available at these events.

Saturday Night Dance (14P)

Dance till you drop with DJ Raving Dragon!

X-Pass Guest Meet & Greet (AP)

A special meet and greet autograph session with all the guests of honors for A Taste of Animethon (Subject to availability)! For X-Pass holders only!