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ASAPA runs several events throughout the year. While the majority of our events occur in Edmonton, we held a Halloween Dance in Calgary in the past.


Our flagship event is, and has always been, Animethon. This convention attracts 8500-9000 con-goers each year and features a variety of guests, music, video programming, and live events. Join us for our festival in August.

Valentine's Day Event

Our winter mini event to celebrate Valentine's Day!
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Gaming Events

ASAPA and our partners are proud to present the "Tournament Arc" Gaming series! Edmonton's Fighting Game Series.
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Swap Meets

Swap Meets are smaller events allowing people to get together and maybe find something you didn't know you needed!
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ASAPA organised Cosplay Photoshoot meets. Next one:
Santa Maria pirate ship at West Edmonton Mall
Sunday, 16 December 2018 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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Pin Trading Parties

ASAPA events take part in Alberta Convention Pin Trading. To support pin trading we hold our own Pin-focused event(s) throughout the year.

Halloween Dance

A smaller cosplay-focused event around the Halloween season.

Event History

Year Event Website
2019 Animethon 26 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2019
2018 Animethon 25 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2018
2018 ATOA www.asapa.ca/animethon/2018
2017 Animethon 24 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2017
2017 ATOA www.asapa.ca/atoa/2017
2016 Animethon 23 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2016
2016 ATOA www.asapa.ca/atoa/2016
2015 Animethon 22 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2015
2015 ATOA www.asapa.ca/atoa/2015
2014 Animethon 21 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2014
2014 ATOA www.asapa.ca/atoa/2014
2013 Animethon 20 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2013
2013 ATOA www.asapa.ca/atoa/2013
2012 Animethon 19 www.asapa.ca/animethon/2012
2012 ATOA www.asapa.ca/atoa/2012