ASAPA Presents

A Taste of Animethon 2018

January 19 and 20, 2018
Shaw Conference Centre
A Taste of Animethon, our winter event A Taste of Animethon is our winter event which takes place at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton city centreWebsite Animethon, our summer event Animethon is our summer event, held at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton city centreWebsite Our parent society, the Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts ASAPA is our parent society ensuring our events are safegaurded for current and future generations to enjoyWebsite
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We are proud to be a part of a strong community in Alberta, here are just some Alberta community members and organisations.


Otafest is a Calgary based non-profit organization expressing the values of charity, quality, and transparency. The body of our activity pertains to the promotion of Japanese art, culture, and media in the Canadian community, and our organization rests firmly on the spirit of community collaboration and volunteerism.


Nishikaze (nee-she-ka-zay) is Japanese for west wind, a common occurrence in Southern Alberta. Originally started in 2004, Nishikaze set out to be a local gathering for fans of Japanese anime, manga, and related media such as video games. While we showcase anime, we strive to expand our event into other areas of interest like live-action movies and Asian culture.


Tsurucon is Red Deer, Alberta's one and only anime and multimedia convention with panels and events catering to comic, videogame, cosplay, and anime enthusiasts! We are a non-profit event currently hosted at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School and Festival Hall.


If you have any community related questions or would like to collaborate with us please email

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