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ASAPA White Day Event!



White Day (ホワイトデー) is a special day that is celebrated in Japan one month after Valentine’s day! On this day, men present gifts to women who have gifted them chocolates on Valentine’s Day to express their appreciation.

The Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts (ASAPA), who bring you Animethon, will be hosting our very first White Day Event! We look forward to enjoying this special day with everyone, and you're encouraged to cosplay. See you all there!



Saturday, March 9th, 2019



YMCA Family Resource Centre (9538-103A Ave NW)

This is a brand new state of the art facility conveniently located downtown right next to the Edmonton Police Headquarters.

There is a bus stop in front of the building and it close to the LRT.

The building has an underground parking lot for reasonable rates and there are other parking lots near by.



There will be an attendance cap of approximately 500.
The majority of tickets will be available for online sale on Feb 1st.
The remaining tickets will be available at the door.

There will be three types of passes available at this event.
  • [$15 + Fees] Combo Pass ($20 at the door)
  • [$10 + Fees] Day Pass
  • [$10 + Fees] Dance Pass
Available throughout the event will the non-competitive gaming area, coat check, and concession stand. During the day the gym will be host to a swap meet and artist alley plus about 6 panels in our panel room. In the evening it will change over to a dance. There will be a small costume event during the dance, so feel free to cosplay.




We will be hosting a day full of fun activities for you to enjoy, including:


11:00am - 12:00pm
Intro to 3D Printing Cosplay

12:30pm - 1:30pm
Lip Sync Battle

2:00pm - 3:00pm
Best Waifu & Husbando Battle

3:30pm - 4:30pm
AMV Showcase

5:00pm - 6:00pm
Introduction to Competitive Smash Bros & Fighting Games

Intro to 3D Printing Cosplay
Hosted by: Elise Ledwon & Hailey Ledwon
Interested about what is needed to turn a roll of plastic spaghetti into a full iron man suit? Join me as I explain the basics of 3d printing and its potential for cosplay!

Lip Sync Battle
Hosted by: David Moore & Brittany
In this king of the hill style game show, contestants compete to see who can lip sync to their favorite songs.

Best Waifu & Husbando Battle
Hosted by: Jenny Lau
Which anime character should be the crowned as your best Waifu? Best Husbando? You will be the one to choose! Vote for your favourite!

AMV Showcase
Hosted by: Vlad Pohnert
We’ve reached into our grab-bag and come up with a choice selection of AMV awesomeness from all over the world, some of which might never seen before.

Introduction to Competitive Smash Bros & Fighting Games
Hosted by: Victor Ly
Punch! Kick! Block! Enter the ring and learn about one of the oldest and most thrilling eSports!

White Day Dance DJ by: DJ Raving Dragon
(Anthony Melnyk)




Artist Alley

Table # (A) Alias
1 Topazius
2 Elindia
3 95nomi
4 ToasterKiwi
5 kawaiinatic
6 SerpentStag
7 MakioKuta
8 SharksnDonuts
9 Oh Dear Devil
10 Artist Eight5
11 Geeky Freaky Artist
12 JellyDoll
13 ectodog
14 Robots in Sweaters
15 Quills n Quacks
16 klaeia
17 AN Image MEaker
18 itsMengo
19 ravenpoof
20 Shatrixx Art
21 Shale 3D
22 Darkned Star
23 CWilock
24 小町
25 Kyra Walker
S3 Twilitedragon Creations


Table # (S) Name
1 Pauline F
2 Thomas H
4 Nadia S-C
5 Anna H
6 Jenny L
7 Jennifer B
8 Victoria W
9 Alex C
10 Lisa T
11 Anabel M
12 Natalia F
13 Jason M
14 Adrian D
15 Richard C
16 Lynde Y
17 Rhiannon E
18 Myraialae C